The artist

This is my caricature made by a Serbian artist at the Yumbo Center in Maspalomas on January 2013. The girl next me is my sweet lover and YES, we look almost the same, but she’s a brunette. Now we have the sexy paint at the head of our matrimonial bed 🙂

Este es mi caricatura hecha por un artista serbio en el Centro Comercial Yumbo en Maspalomas en enero de 2013. La chica de al lado me es mi dulce pareja y ¡si, es verdad!, somos muy parecidas, pero ella tiene su melena color oscuro. Hemos puesto este pintura sexy a la cabecera de nuestra cama matrimonial 🙂

enero2013 371

enero2013 363

enero2013 367

enero2013 370

enero2013 373

enero2013 362

enero2013 376


3 thoughts on “The artist”

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  2. i love it! you and your sweet lover were captured so beautifully and you looked fantastic as you posed for your caricature!

    1. Thanks! What you cannot see in the pictures is that around the artist’s spot was full of people watching “the show” and I couldn’t see what the caricature was evolving but hear the spectators exclaiming “oh, this is so nice!” or “wow, he’s very talented” and people encouraging me to pose for the artist… haha

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